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Hey all!
Gasp! An update just couple weeks past my last one? Anyways, getting rid of siggies clogging my hard drive.
I am bored so any suggestion would be nice.

-Misc Icons [including Deepika, Abhay] -Misc Animations -3 Abhay Sigs
-10 Aishwarya Sigs (including Dhoom, Hrithik etc) -4 Aisha Sigs
-1 Bipasha Sig -1 Dia Sig -2 I Hate Luv Stories Sigs
-6 Imran/Deepika Sigs -2 Ishaan Sigs -1 Neha Duphia Sig
-1 Kareena Sig -4 Rani Sigs -2 Raima Sigs (w/ SK, DP)
-2 Sonam Sigs -1 Vidya Balan Sig

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Texture: Hybrid-Genesis, Sanami, Swimchick.net, Nakshatranights
Image: Aishwarya-Spice, Sonam-Kapoor.net, Deepika-Padukone.net,
Inspiration: Momo Darky Cici

Guess All The Roses Fade

Howdy Girls and Boys!
How are we all doing? Holy crap! This poor community certainly has gotten no love from me icon wise since September 2009. I am really sorry about that. I keep on meaning to update but real life keeps on rearing its ugly end in. Finally after the bullying loving encouragement and cheer-leading from two of my favorite girls divya_g  and devi_diva, I finally have gathered enough energy to try and update my craps which have accumulated in the last 9 months. Amazingly enough, I have not been feeling encouraged enough to do icons and have instead focused on banners, wallpapers, sigs, headers etc. I will update those in a different update =)
Because these are nine months worth of stuff do realize my style will change. Consider the icons 001-004 and the difference in coloring and everything from the rest (more of icons in this style are made for me for my userpics here. This might be one of my last update concerning Criminal Minds b/c I refuse to icon shows where the ladies are kicked out. We will see.
Fun statistics
Over the nine months I made approx 250 icons.
Meaning aprox. 27.77 icons per month.
These creations occupy thirteen pages in my photobucket account.
They all add up to about 7.8 mb.
Categories wise- Criminal Minds tops it for amount.
Heavily inspired by nakshatranights  and coloredmyworld 

 Kay. Enough of that. On to icons =) Leave me comments sayin' how horrible I am or how you miss me. You can even call me a b-i-t-c-h if you want :) Credit is not required but appreciated so people know where to find the icons =). Do not hotlink or else I will find you >_<.

[001-004]  10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
[005-008] Babul
[009-012] Don: The Chase Begins Again
[013-016] Devdas
[017-023] Rock On!
[024-033] Luck By Change
[034-039] Parineeta
[040-046] Preity Zinta oriented
[047-052] Misc. Bollywood Movies
[053-061] Sonam Kapoor
[062-065] Vidya Bala
[066-071] Bipasha Basu
[072-085] Bollywood Celebrities
[086-107] One Tree Hill
[108-117] 10 Things I Hate About You (show)
[118-161] Criminal Minds s01,s02,s03,s04
[162-176] The Office
[177-190] Boys Over Flowers
[191-210] 90210
[211-216] Hollywood Celebrities
[217-224] Harry Potter Cast
[224-248] Harry Potter

[3] Harry Potter Headers

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Lets all pretend we are happy

An update after three months. This is a huge update, I apologize but they were clogging up my new creations folder. These are accumulations of the past three and a half months worth of stuff. Loads of new creations for everyone. I have loads of animations but unfortunately most of them are not lj-friendly especially the Bollywood ones. Supernatural ones are and so are half of the Rani update. Special thank you to wasabi_girlwasabi_girl for the pictures of the TIFF pictures of Rani. Enjoy. Comment, credit etc.
[001-021] Dil Mil Gaya
[022-036] Misc Bollywood inc Deepika, Bipasaha
[037-56] Rani
[57-64] Scarlett Johanson
[65-72 Harry Potter Cast
[73-88] Criminal Minds
[89-101] Gossip Girls
[102-137] OTH inc new season
[138-149] 10 Things, Big Bang Theory
[150-164] Supernatural
[165-171] Nemo
[171-190] Harry Potter
[191-200] Spiderman
[201-213] Bollywood Animated
[214-242] Shani; Rani centric
[243-254] Supernatural Gags
[27] Headers/Sigs inc Hermione, Rani, Ash, Deepika, Imran
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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When all of our dreams have reached the seas

An update after almost two months, I think. It finally got to the point where my folders were bursting. These are just the icons that I have done over the two months, wallpapers and such will have to wait longer. Learned how to make LJ-Friendly animations. Yippe! Although most of the bollywood ones are not LJ-friendly, sorry. But you're welcome to use them on forums and such. The HUGEST update for me, ever. Warning: Not Dial-Up User friendly.
57 Criminal Minds Icons
32 Harry Potter Icons
48 Bollywood Icons
36 One Tree Hill Icons
10 Friends Icons
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Getting to know you. Effy&Fred love

So, I must have been pretty high or really uninspired because I did some icons of Twilight. Yeah, whatever. So more on my new obsession Skins!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Don't You Bring Me Down Today

Hi *waves*
Yes, I'm updating! I know, this is quick lol. Anywho, notice something diffrerent....No? Well, a new layout and a spiffy header to match with it. If you compare it to my last header you're going to be like: Whoa the girl changed? Anywho, as I said this is from the best pairing in the best book Son of the Shadows and somehow Audrey Tatou didn't seem the right girl and my girl crush, Eesha did. So basically I just changed her. Woot!

New icons but spoiler alert, I guess.
[001-027] OTH 6.17 *spoiler*
[028-038] OTH misc
[039-58] Criminal Minds Omnivore *spoiler*
[59-68] Lost S1
[69-80] Natalie Portman
[81-96] Gossip Girls 2.18
[97-105] Veronica Mars
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Dance In The Rain

Well, the new layout has been here for a while so is it redundant to mention it? I am actually not satisfied with it because since I based it on one of my favorite book Son of the Shadows I am convinced that Isha Koppikar is the better choice for the protagonist. I don't know, I think I will experiment with this for a while.
Haha and the missionaries are in our house trying to convert my Dad. Too bad he believes in science, and is a Hindu...
So, its been about a week since I have updated. Some icons in my harddrive for a while. Enjoy ^_^
[01-12] Harry Potter Various
[13-20] Emma Watson photoshoot
[21-26] Bethany Joy
[27-32] Sophia Bush
[33-48] Various OTH icons
[49-59] Animated OTH
[60-77] Mayhem Criminal Minds
[78-81] Friends
[82-94] Various Bollywood Icons
[95-103] Isha Koppikar
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This Year I Lost My Way

Apparently, I am trying to kill myself by making too many icons. I made so many these last four days that I feel drained of any creativity. These are all pretty meh icons, but some I like. I tried going out of my normal fandoms but was reverted back to One Tree Hill and went crazy on them. I hope you enjoy.
001-010 Dhoom Machale
011-022 Bones
023-035 Emma Watson
036-047 Rachel McAdams
048-054 Keith Urban
055-063 Veronica Mars
064-101 One Tree Hill
102-121 Criminal Minds
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Yesterday's got nothing on me!

Since I have never had an icon community before, I am not quite sure what to say. "Hi, I am Kiki and my TV crush is Hotch?" or something of that sort. Anywho, I guess a little thing about me would suffice. I am Kaliegh, but somehow no one ever calls me that and instead calls me Kiki, and am 17 years of age. I usually do icons of my fandoms: Keith Urban, Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Numb3rs, Carrie Underwood, Bethany Joy, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Jensen Sex God Ackles and many Bollywood stuff. Some stuff you'll never find me doing without someone asking me: Twilight, HSM, those tweeners Disney people, and any tweeners who are creepily popular. If you want me to make of them, I would do it but it wouldn't be my best. So enough with my hate list, time for some icons.
The reason I chose to make a community is that I wanted to keep my fanarts and my blog separate as I rant about Heathus knows who?
Some of my requests from you guys:
x-Please don't hotlink-x
x-Credit is not necessary but is really appreciated-x

[01-23] Harry Potter
[24-34] Hailey in OTH
[25-54] Criminal Minds 52 Pickup
[55-69] Lost Cast
[70-78] Aishwarya Berlin Red Carpet
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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